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Hello friends, how have you been? Great, I believe. Let us go to our topic for the day. Leaders take action. Are you that kind of leader? Do you want to be that kind of leader? Follow me and let’s dig deeper.

I have come to discover that a lot of dreams have slipped away into the grave because those who conceived such dreams did nothing about them. I have seen many people with great dreams such as setting up a business, building an organization, going back to school, writing a book, releasing an album, and so many more. If I were to make a speculative guess, I would say that forty percent out of the whole lot of dreamers ventured out burning with a burning passion to fulfill those dreams. Twenty percent out of the forty gave up after encountering one or two obstacles, leaving us with twenty percent. Four percent out of the remaining twenty percent end up building exceptional organizations and seeing their dreams come to pass in grand style. The other sixteen percent just live in the reality of their dreams but without much progress, just getting by with an average existence.

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It is not enough to unearth problems and build a dream around it. You’ve got to think beyond that and start asking yourself, “How do I make my dream/vision a reality?” This is a higher level of leadership responsibility that will differentiate you from other leaders. In making your vision a reality, you must consider three very important factors. These factors are embedded in the three-lettered prefix of the word PROVISION. You and I know that you cannot bring dreams to reality without the required provision. The prefix “pro-” means “for”, so “pro-vision” means for vision. You need to lay hold on the “pro” you need to bring your vision to reality.

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The three super factors embedded in the word “pro” are People, Resources and Opportunities (PRO). You must begin to plan on how to get the people, resources and opportunities you need to birth your vision from your mind into the physical realm. These elements must be put together to support your world-changing ideas. Do not forget that many people with great visions that had the capacity to change the world quitted at some point because they didn’t know how to get these three pillars of vision to work for them. Great leaders strategize on how to get the best team to work with them. This means that they must be able to communicate the vision to people in order for them to buy it. Resources such as finance, equipment, raw materials, and other things required can only become available when people get involved and are convinced that your idea is a worthy one. You must also look for opportunities where your vision can fit. These opportunities abound everyday. In life, you will always get the chance to prove yourself. And when you do get that opportunity, take the center stage and show the world, with style, that you are the best thing that will ever happen to it. But when that opportunity doesn’t seem to come, create one.

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24Karats leaders know not to sit around and wait for opportunities to come their way. Every opportunity you see out there was created by someone. Never sit down and wait for life to happen to you. A leader doesn’t do that. A leader stands up, looks at life in the face, takes it and makes it what he desires. Understanding that it is your responsibility as a leader to skillfully get the right people, resources and opportunities to support your vision is a differentiating factor.

I will wrap this up by tomorrow. So keep a date with me. #BeInspired.

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