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Happy Independence Day Nigeria. It’s a great day, pregnant with so many possibilities. I believe in this nation, I believe in you, I believe that together we will take this nation to her destination. Claim each day with the mentality to change your world. It is just a matter of time, we will all get there. Let’s continue from where we stopped yesterday. 24Karats leaders take action. They do not sit down and allow things happen to them, instead they get up and happen to things. Let’s go on.

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After you get the required people, resources and opportunities you need to push your dreams, you then need to master the art of designing how to adequately harness your “PROs” to give you the required results. Bringing people together to pursue a goal requires a lot. They have to put their personalities aside and work as a team. As a leader, you must study the mechanism of team dynamics to get yourself in control of that. What am I trying to say here? You need to be able to coordinate all of these raw materials and harness them to give you what you want. This also means that your vision must have the capacity to transform both you and your team. They will serve you better if they grow as they get involved in helping you fulfill your dreams. One of the things I advice leaders to do is set in place processes that will help enhance the smooth running of your vision. Be it a business, organization, church, etc. A well-established protocol of operation will make you do less on that area so you can focus your energy on other things. Setting up processes will help place your vision on autopilot mode. It will effortless run the way you have predetermined it.


Your style of implementing whatever dream you have is also important. Many people have carried out good projects in the past, only for such projects to be misinterpreted and sullied by people. Implementing visions must be with an excellent mindset. 24Karats leaders don’t do things half hazard ways. Put a touch of class in whatever you do. Learn to plan well so you can come out with something good. As a leader who wants to build an organization, a business, or carry out a community development project, never forget that delivery is as important as every other process.

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Okay, let’s go back to the story I was telling yesterday. Having undergone the process of seeing things differently, challenging the status quo, unearthing problems and proffering possible solutions, I knew taking action was a call I couldn’t refuse if I was to live up to being a 24Karats leader. So I hit the first roadblock question, “How? First I decided that I had to get the stakeholders in my hometown involved. I met with the village heads, community leaders, and other very important personalities I felt could support the project. I was amazed at the great support I got from all sides. What brought tears to my eyes what the fact that every kindred (18) contributed small monies to help with the logistics. That helped with feeding my team and providing the chairs and canopies we used for the outreach. No matter how small the contribution was, it showed community involvement. In a nutshell, I was able to get everyone involved to make the project a success. It was a sign that everyone bought into the vision. At the end, over 200 people benefited from the free eye care outreach. People, resources and the opportunities were sought after, harnessed, and a grand style implementation of the project was carried out. The impact will never be forgotten. Old men, women and children still talk about it till today.

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You can never tell how much influence you have until you step out and act. Never be discouraged by the lack of funds to carry out a worthwhile goal. More than you need funds, you need a heart that sees possibilities. With a heart like that, nothing you imagine will ever elude you. The people, resources and opportunities you need to add value to your world will come your way. Life has a way of making concessions to favour the thoughts of a man with the intention to change his world. Remember, nothing will happen until you act. Arnold Glasgow said that, “An idea not coupled with action will never get any better than the brain cells it occupied.” There is so much more you can do. Shed your ideas into this world. Never be discouraged by the possible obstacles you might face. They are a part of the package that makes your story beautiful. Think possibilities. Impossible is just a word found only in the mind of men who refuse to act. Just do it. Take action, live your dreams and change your world. #BeInspired.


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