“There is a higher calling that is far above the jobs, money, comfort and fame we seek. People who have shaped this world, never set out to seek these things. They sought for a better world because they knew that it was in their hands to make it happen.”

“Let us grow in character, because in it is encapsulated the power we need to build a great nation and sustain it.”

“I believe our founding fathers, currently residing in the beauty of eternity, have this same hope, they cradle in their hearts a faith in us that some day we will make Nigeria great.”

“Youths of our nation, your fifteen minutes of playing the victim are up. Let’s stop complaining and start impacting. Let’s look beyond the unemployment and see the greatness that lies within us. In each of us are companies, organizations, and conglomerates, waiting to be birthed.”

– Chris Krystal Chukwunyere 

(Your Leadership and Spirit-Life Coach)

About Sola and Chris Chukwunyere

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