“But Jesus didn’t trust them, because he knew all about people. No one needed to tell him about human nature, for he knew what was in each person’s heart.” (John 2:24, 25, NLT).

There was a gift with which Jesus operated in His days on earth. He could look into the hearts of men and know what their motives were. Due to His ability to solve problems, many gravitated towards Him. They wanted to be His friends, but for different reasons.

DiscernmentPhoto Credit: unlockingbible.org

Jesus didn’t allow Himself to be carried away by such “love”. Even Jesus did not trust everyman. He wasn’t a suspicious person, but he was perceptive and He was always accurate about what He perceived about people. This made Him able to make the right choices about the people He entrusted with His business.

My point here is that Jesus was accurate about what was in the heart of other people so He could make the choice of the kind of relationship He would establish with them. He had the gift of discernment of spirits. If Jesus could operate with such a gift while on earth as the son of man, it means you too can.

You can tell those who want to exploit, rip you off or take advantage of you from those who really care about you. This will help you know the kind of friends/relationships to make, or even the kind of boss to work for. I once worked with a “funny” boss, and I could discern every step he took per time, this made me prepare for anything. And I was never surprised by whatever action he took. Don’t allow people to take you unawares. You can ask God for the gift of discernment today. How was your day? #BeInspired.

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