Mentoring is a process of transferring the genetic of code of a particular idea, vision, concept or dream to the next generation. It is handing over the baton of leadership to someone else. It is the art of emptying your cup into another’s cup. It involves two characters, which are the mentor and his protege. By doing this, the vehicle for transfer remains immortal. Someone like Mahatma Ghandi became a mentor to a lot of people. He transfered the secret of achieving freedom to the ordinary man in India, which is to fight for your right without violence.

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No wonder great men like Martin Luther King Jr. picked up that same baton to fight for the black people of America. Barak Obama becoming the first black president of the United States of America today is a proof that mentoring is indeed powerful. Generations will come and go, but history will never forget great mentors like Ghandi, Martin Luther and Barack Obama. They mastered the art of mentoring. They discovered it to be the technology of immortality.

In today’s podcast Sam Semako Jinadu and Akintunde Awotunde joined me in the studio to discuss the topic of mentoring. Together we looked at four basic things:

1. The meaning of mentoring

2. Who a mentor and Protege is

3. The qualities of a good mentor

4. The challenges involved in mentoring and many more

Let me give you a brief profile of the two  guests:

1. Sam Semako Jinadu is a Career and Perception Management Strategist. He is the CEO of Careerwise Consults in Jos, Plateau State Nigeria. He is an author of the book Perception Management. He is a public speaker and convener of two popular monthly seminars, Career Summit and Dinner with Mentors in the city of Jos.

2. Akintunde Awotunde is a Business Management and Telecommunications Expert with over fourteen years experience. He is presently the General Manager of a telecommunications company with over one hundred and fifty employees. He is based in Jos, Plateau State Nigeria.

What are you waiting for? Play and download above. Don’t also forget to leave a comment here when you are done listening. As you know feedbacks measure impact and they encourage improvement. Become the best version of you. #BeInspired.

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