Hello how have you been? I believe you enjoyed the last episode of 24KaratsLife Podcast. In this week’s episode, we will continue with the same topic as last week’s- Mentoring: The technology of immortality. This week is so loaded you’ll need a pen and a paper.


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Do you know that mentoring is a process that has three phases? I refer to these as PMS.

1. Physical phase mentoring

2. Mental phase mentoring

3. Spirit phase mentoring

There are different characteristics of a mentor that one can identify. In the podcast I described a mentor to be an escort”. An escort is someone who accompanies (someone or something) somewhere, especially for protection or security. In the same way, a mentor is like an escort who accompanies his/her protege to their destination. They provide direction and protect their protege from making wrong decisions and falling into potential dangers that might prevent them from entering their future. Each letter in the word escort represents a characteristic.

1. E-Experience: Every mentor needs to have enough knowledge and experience on the area in which they want to mentor their protege on.

2. S-Secure: Great mentors are secure people. They must be comfortable enough to mentor a younger generation to be greater than they are. There shouldn’t be a feeling of inferiority when this happens.

3. C-Character: Great character is the crown of leadership and mentoring. The best way to influence a person is to live by example. Character is one great way to do that.

4. O-Observant: Mentors are observant people. They watch their protege to see areas of their lives that need development and work.

5. R-Reproduce: Mentoring is a reproductive process. It is the ability to replicate your great self in the younger generation. It is the transfer of your success gene into others.

6. T-Time: The investment of time in mentoring is of the essence. A mentor must dedicate time for his protege. It takes time to build someone.

There are three important things that every mentor does during mentoring. They provide “PCM”, something to help deal with the headaches of growing into the best version of you;

1. Perspective: He provides perspective for his proteges.

2. Coach: He coaches his proteges by helping them become their future.

3. Model: Mentors model the way to becoming your future

Now for the protege, there are four character traits that a good protege must have that greatly determine the success of the mentoring process. They are:

1. Posture – Attitude

2. Passion – Desire, Drive

3. Potential – Abilities, Gifts, Talents

4. Price – Sacrifice

There is so much in this week’s podcast. Learn how to leave a trail and inspire others to follow. Click download above, listen and don’t forget to leave a comment. Remember, feedbacks measure impact and inspire improvement. #BeInspired.

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    am waiting for your next post thank you once again.

  2. Henrietta on February 17, 2015 at 10:54 am said:

    Having listened to both parts on mentoring I guess I now know what to look for in a mentor and what to give as a mentor. Very insightful indeed. More grace to you Chris.

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