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This week on Episode 5 of the 24KaratsLife Podcast, I had Sam Semako Jinadu join me to discuss the topic: Developing healthy mentoring relationships. If you don’t know my guest, Sam, he is a Career and Perception Management Strategist. He is the CEO of Careerwise Consults. He is an author, public speaker and convener of seminars.

Together we discussed some of the basic elements of relationships, which are:

1. Trust

2. Vulnerability

3. Constant Communication

4. Sacrifice


There are basic characteristics of a healthy mentoring relationship. These include:

1. Purpose driven

2. Nourishing

3. Whole

4. Result oriented

5. Fulfilling

We talked about the three factors necessary for ensuring that a mentoring relationship works well. They are:

1. Interest: Both the mentor and protege should have a shared interest. As a protege, if you desire to be mentored in the subject of business, your mentor should be interested in the subject of business as well.

2. Values: People have value systems based on their beliefs. A protege who values honesty must not be mentored by someone who doesn’t.

3. Personal Goals: It is not a must that both parties have the same personal goals. However, there has to be a place where those goals meet. One of a protege’s personal goals should be to develop and grow. His mentor’s goal should be to help the protege develop and grow. One rule in mentoring is that the mentor must not enforce his personal goals on his protege.

Initiating a mentoring relationship is one thing, sustaining it is where the job is, knowing when to terminate it is also very vital to both parties. These and many more were discussed in details.

You can download/listen to the podcast above. And do not forget to leave a comment below. As I would always say, feedbacks measure impact and inspire improvement. #BeInspired.

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