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Hello my 24Karats leaders, how have you been? This is episode six (6) of the 24KaratsLife Podcast. On this episode, leadership was the topic of discussion. John C. Maxwell defined leadership as influence, a definition every leader around the world, including me, agrees with. I define leadership as the ability to inspire people, attract resources and create opportunities to pursue a transformational vision birthed by purpose. Leadership to me is inspiration, it is an unseen power that stirs up people to find meaning in pursuing a worthwhile goal. It is the ability to bring together the tools required to work out a vision. These tools are people, resources and opportunities.

Leadership can be categorized into four levels:

1. Personal leadership

2. Corporate leadership

3. National leadership

4. Global leadership

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The three pillars of leadership are as follows:

1. Purpose

2. Potentials

3. Principles

In today’s podcast I focused on purpose. What is purpose? Purpose is the reason for existence. It is the “why” of life, the answer to the famous question, “Why am I here?” . It is the reason for creating a thing. Purpose is the seed of greatness. Discovering and living it daily eventually leads to the fulfillment of destiny.

What is the importance of purpose to someone’s life?

1. Focus: Purpose gives your life focus. It keeps you from jumping into everything that the world is doing. It makes you pay attention to that one thing you have been created to do.

2. Mastery: When you concentrate your energy on a particular task, not only do you produce much result but you also gain mastery on the job. You’ll master the art of your calling when all you do is centered on it.

3. Impact: In pursuing purpose, impact is always a consequence. A life of purpose is a value-adding life. You become a blessing to your world. It drags you away from the region of selfishness into selflessness. Purpose is service.

4. Preservation: Purpose protects you. It keeps you alive until you fulfill it. It has been discovered that those who live meaningful lives live long. To walk in purpose is to set yourself up for a long and happy life.

5. Behavioural Change: Discovering purpose will lead you to have visions for your future. And within every vision is an inherent capacity to make the carrier conform him or herself to it. This means habits, character, attitude and behaviours will be developed to aid the eventual fulfillment of that vision.

6. Fulfillment: Many people have gotten high paying jobs, built houses and empires, gotten married but yet are not fulfilled. Yes, they achieved and did great things, but they did what they were not designed to do. Anyone who is determined to achieve anything can achieve it. But only purposeful people find fulfillment in their achievements.  

7. Immortality: To walk in purpose is to walk the path of immortality. When you make lasting impact in the lives of other people, you leave a legacy that generations will keep talking about. You make history that even eternity can’t forget.

8. Grace: Grace is a supernatural ability that amplifies your efforts. It is divine favour that makes the pursuit of purpose easy. Operating in purpose is allowing yourself to be carried by the current of life into the ocean of destiny. To swim against the current is to waste your time, energy and effort, which at the end of the day will leave you exhausted, worn out and not an inch closer to your destiny. In grace you gain speed and do not struggle. People, resources and opportunities come to you without stress.

How do you identify your purpose? What are indicators to knowing what your purpose in life is?

I believe your purpose is a voice that would daily SPEAK to you. And it does that in different ways, all of which are connected to you. Purpose discovery is a process of inward self evaluation. Lets see how the word SPEAK can help you discover your purpose.

1. S – Spiritual: There is always an inner witness within that says, “This is the way, walk in it”. It is like an inner call within your soul to follow a path of life. You might not be able to explain why but that voice is always there. One sure way to know is to ask God who is the Creator and manufacturer of every human. He never created anyone without purpose.

2. P – Potential: Your abilities, talents, gifts are pointers to your purpose in life. Potentials are tools that help you work out your destiny. Potentials themselves are not the purpose but they are the equipments you need for the smooth job of fulfilling purpose.

3. E – Emotional: Your passion, love and care for something is a fragrance that people, nature and even the supernatural cannot help but take note of. This is why even you should be able to identify where your heart is and follow it.

4. A – Attitude: Each and everyone of us was designed with characteristics that make us unique. It could be called nature, disposition or even temperament. These things determine the attitude we portray. The good news is that our nature and temperaments are given to us to smoothen out our purpose. Nothing in you is a waste. All you have are preordained.

5. K – Key experiences: Life may present to us unpalatable experiences. Some may be hurtful, painful and sad. Others may be sweet, joyful and happy. Truth is that there are unforgettable experiences that life uses to bring us back to the original intent of why we were created. Some have used sad rape/abuse experiences they’ve had in the past to heal their world. In every mess, there is always a message.

There are other questions you can ask yourself to help in your search for purpose. Get a pen and paper as you think through these questions. They are helpful tips to help you discover purpose. I’ll just share a few here.

1. What are the things you do that get you so absorbed and make you forget that you haven’t eaten?

2. What do you do that makes you lose track of time?

3. What keeps you awake all night?

4. What gives you joy and fulfillment when you do it?

5. What can you do for free?

6. What do you see that gets you angry and make you want to fix it?

These and many other tips that can help were discussed in the podcast. In order to benefit maximally from this podcast, get a pen and a paper as you listen to it. You can download and listen above. Your feedback is very important as well. Do not forget to leave a comment when you are done. #BeInspired.

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