This is a letter written by my friend, Ms Olusola Obajimi.  Considering the state of security in Nigeria, the havoc the Boko Haram sect has been causing, and the emotions the election campaigns have aroused, I believe this letter is timely. Olusola is a Christian who believes in the love of God for mankind. She is a great writer, editor, caterer and medical missionary. She works with an organisation that takes free health care to the poor and less privileged people in the rural communities of Africa. She is a Health Promotion expert. She just started a health blog- Her passion to hear the heart beat of God and His intention for Nigeria, her country, led her to write this letter. You can read below.


Dear all the above named,

I greet you all in the name of the Most High God, the great and mighty one, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, maker of heaven and earth and in the name of His son, Jesus, my rock and my salvation. May His name be forever praised.

“Boko Haram” I saw the scourge, the wickedness, the tears you caused in your wake last year. I saw how you did and still do spread the gospel of fear and terror and how you think you have won or are perhaps well on your way to winning. I saw how you abducted countless numbers of girls, the most audacious being the Chibok 276. I saw how you so boldly had the effrontery to declare that you would sell these girls and that there was nothing anyone could do about it. I, like all Nigerians, see all the things you have done in the name of what you believe, for a cause you’re willing to die for, and while I admit I cannot lay claim to remotely understanding your strategy; quite a number of people have tried to do that and you have laughed in their faces, taunting them to try harder and doing a victory dance every time they failed. I realize that there is something you do not quite realize in all of these.

You have been deceived! You think you are fighting a worthy cause and that the bolder and more despicable your acts, the greater your reward. I laugh in your face! While everyone else is spitting fire, publicly(and quite politically) condemning your actions and throwing mental daggers your way, for that seems to be all we’re capable of these days, what I feel for you is pity. Pity because you do not know that all that you are simply pawns in a remarkably epic battle and your fifteen minutes of fame are up. We have heard rumours that you are very well backed up and highly supported politically. Well,how sad for you because even those who support you do not realize that they are being held up by strings.

At this point I know you must be wondering, “who are you to tell us these things?” the real question is “who am I not to?” I am the voice of the mothers whose children you stole by no right given to you by God. I am the voice of the countless families whose daughters, sons, fathers, uncles,aunties, sisters, brothers, you slaughtered like cows or blew up like fireworks because you thought you had the power to do so and no one could stop you. I am the voice of Nigeria and of Nigerians but I come to you and I charge you not in the name of Nigeria but in the name of the Lord, the Most High God whose children you have oppressed, I come to you in the Name of Christ and I declare that your reign of terror is over!

I would tell you the story of a man named David and what he did to the seemingly unbeatable Goliath (a man who oppressed the army of Israel, an army backed up by God), but I have an inkling that you are already quite familiar with this so I would just simply tell you this: you come against us with your machetes and knives, with your grenades and bombs and with your hidden or sketchy agendas but we come against you in the Name of the Lord Almighty, the God of heaven’s armies who is able to deliver and to save. This day He will deliver His children; He will rise and defend those who are called by His name and He will deliver justice to you.

GEJ and Buhari, well done on both your campaigns. I haven’t got more than a few words for you both. If neither of you has a clearly defined strategy to once and for all vanquish this evil sect from Nigeria (well clearly if you do have one we don’t expect you to divulge the details to us) then neither of you deserve our votes. We have bigger problems to deal with in Nigeria. Surely it is about time we became an agricultural giant not just across Africa but globally. How can we sit and watch as foreign currencies shoot up against our Naira simply because all we do is consume and consume and the only thing we’re proud to bring to the global economic table is our black gold? Surely, it is about time we had constant electricity, affordable and quality basic education for our children. Surely it’s about time we “grew a pair” (do forgive the language it only seems suitable in this case) and put a stop to all the gluttony and roguish behavior we see amongst the people who are supposed to be our leaders, those who make the laws we are supposed to live by.I mean come on! To what end do our leaders steal public funds? Surely it can’t be solely to secure a future for their children! Really? A future secured through lies, deceit, gluttony and by the blood of innocents? What a cruel legacy to leave for ones children. Would you not rather be remembered for something more? Would you not rather you left a legacy and a name that people would praise generations from now and not spit out the words “tufia” in disgust? Whatever happened to words like honour and justice and fairness?

You see now that our problems are indeed great and Boko Haram is but a cruel and evil distraction. So if you want to win my vote, and the votes, I hope, of Nigerians who see the bigger picture beyond their immediate pocket problems, then tackle this “spindly-legged” beast and lets move on to more important things.

Saints of the God, children of the most high, those who are called by the name of Christ, my heart goes out to you and so many scriptures come to mind:

“If my people who are called by my name would humble themselves and pray…”

How have we become so fearful? How can we sit idly by,content with obtaining the blessings and riches of God with no concern for the things that make His heart bleed? Daily we watch as the name of Christ is slandered, even categorized as a swear word and now completely blipped off on television. Those who are called by His name are being slaughtered, massacred,forced into hiding holes to worship and we think all is well?

Brothers, sisters, please do not wait until the fight gets to your doorstep before you raise your voices up to heaven. I implore by the mercy of God, pray! Pray for the legacy you want to leave for your children pray for our Nigeria, for peace and prosperity. Pray for the freedom to live and worship wherever we please lest Nigeria be turned into Babylonia. Pray,that God will deliver those who have been help captive by the devil, whose conscience have been seared, who have been brainwashed into believing that they fight for a worthy cause. Children, stolen from their parents, young boys and girls forced to carry guns and strap on explosives. Pray that God will set them free and deliver their minds for even those who crucified Christ, for them He asked forgiveness declaring, “…for they know not what they do”.

And when you have prayed, and the time comes to exercise your right, cast your vote, not for religion, not for ethnicity, not for temporary gain but for whomever you truly believe can and will lead us to becoming what we once were and what we shall once again become- the GIANT OF AFRICA.

We are one Nigeria; we have inherited this land, let us no longer carry on like we are divided, let us forsake our ethnocentric ways and embrace the strength in our diversity.

To the precious souls taken away from us because of their faith, this tribute is for you:

“the righteous perish and no one takes it to heart

 the devout are taken away and no one understands

that the righteous are taken away to be spared from evil

those who walk uprightly enter into peace;

they find rest as they lie in death


Finally, let me be very clear on this: the name of the Lord shall always be called in this country. The name of Jesus will always be on the lips of His saints. No matter how many attempts are made to silence us, none shall prevail. His praises shall be on the lips of our children and of theirs after them and for generations until Jesus returns, to Him be all the praise and glory and honour and power forever.


                                                                                    For I belong to Christ.

                                                                                    Olusola Obajimi

                                                                                Follow on twitter: @solaobajimi

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