God my heart is overwhelmed with gratitude

For so many sweet things you have done for me

Like a gift folded in a wrapper called thanksgiving

I present it at your feet to say thank you

Thank you for the gift of life

Thank you for helping me find purpose in it

Thank you for the gift of your Son in me

Thank you for my senior partner the Holy Spirit

Thank you for living in divine health

Thank you for the spirit of revelation upon me

Thank you guiding and protecting me

Thank you for providing for me

Thank you for your grace so strong upon me

Thank you for the spirit of wisdom upon me

Thank you for making me such an inspiration

Thank you for the Word of God my companion

Thank you for the challenging times

Thank you for teaching me wisdom through them

Thank you for the hard times

Thank you for through it all I’m a better person

Thank you for the gift of family

Thank you for the gift of friends

Thank you for the gift of colleagues

Thank you for the gift of awesome relationships

Thank you for making me a gift in your kingdom

Thank you for the gift of my church family

Thank you my talents, skills and abilities

Thank you God for every single thing

When I look at my life, all I could see that it is all centred around you Lord. With no apologies I would say it is the best life anyone could ever live. I’m grateful God for choosing me. My deepest desire is to know and love you more. To keep making eternal impact. To keep striking the cords that will vibrate in eternity. To touch someone’s life that will speak for me when I see you face to face. I love you more than life God. Thank you for this gift called life embodied in the vessel called Chris.

– Chris Chukwunyere (December 19)


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