“Overlook an offence and bond a friendship; fasten on to a slight and—good-bye, friend!” (Proverbs 17:9, MSG).

Friendship is a gift from God to humanity. It is the foundation for every great relationship. You can’t be married to someone you are not friends with. You can’t live well with family if the invisible cord of friendship is not there. It is important to have such relationships. It brings beauty to life.


One thing is to start a friendship/relationship, another is to sustain it. When you are in the habit of always holding on to the offence of your friends, you are on the path of loosing relationships. Such an attitude breaks the bond of friendship. The beauty of true friendship lies in your ability to love and forgive others quickly. It may not be easy but it has to be quick.

Some people have the habit of remembering past offences even after so many weeks, months or years. They tend to talk about it when another offence comes up. Learning to let go of things like this builds a lasting relationship. If both parties are truly friends, offences will not be deliberate. This is why you must not hold them to heart.

I have never seen anyone succeed in any meaningful relationship who walked in unforgiveness. We must also remember that we offend other people too. Imagine if we all held every offence to heart. We will make our heart and the world so bitter. You can build a great friendship/relationship with your spouse, co-workers, family, friends, etc. Learn the principle of not holding on to offences. Great day my friend. #BeInspired.

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