“He makes my feet like the feet of deer, and sets me on my high places.” (Psalm 18:33, NKJV).

Deer are animals that thrive exceptionally well in the mountains. Their hind feet is specially designed to help them jump, leap and climb mountains effectively. No matter how rough the mountain might be, they have strong hoofs that enable them move swiftly.

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Anyone who has ever hiked up a mountain knows that it’s not the smoothest of journeys. The steepness alone can make anyone loose balance. But God is saying He has made your feet like that of a deer. He has built balance, strength and firmness in you to ride through the rough terrain of this life and come out successful.

God is saying that He will set you on the high places of life this month. He will bring you before kings and princes. He is bringing you to a height where you will be visible and difficult to ignore. By the power of His Spirit He will bring you to a place of honour. Receive the capacity to make progress this month. Nothing shall keep you from getting to the top.

I declare that in this month God is your personal bravery. He is your invisible army. He is your strength. You shall make progress on all sides. You shall fly on the wings of God’s favour. Swift and speedy progress shall come your way. Because the high places of the earth belong to you. Do have an awesome month of February. #BeInspired.

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