“Give your complete attention to these matters. Throw yourself into your tasks so that everyone will see your progress. ” (1 Timothy 4:15, NLT).

Timothy was a young pastor who had been mentored by Paul. He had the responsibility of leading the flock that was put in his care. One of the things Paul advised him on was the issue of whole hearted commitment. Paul made it clear to this young man that one of the secrets of apparent progress is giving yourself wholly to what you have been called to do. To have undivided attention over what you do. Focus is the key word.

is-commitment-a-direction-to-be-pursued-as-long-as-it-works-for-you-or-a-direction-to-be-pursued-until-it-works-for-youPhoto Credit: quotespictures.com

What do you do to achieve an obvious proof of progress? 1. Daily carry out your job description. Do something everyday that will push you closer to your destiny. Live out your purpose/call/dream/vision everyday. 2. Never neglect the gifts/talents/abilities in you. Put them to use. Your gifts make the living of your purpose easy.

3. Your whole heart must be in what you do. Half-hearted people get little or nothing done very well. Your heart will drive you, it will fuel the passion in you, it will keep you strong in the face of challenges. People who succeed at what they do throw themselves at their work. They are committed, persistent and consistent.

It is a layed down rule that life will make to prosper the man who is committed to a thing and never gives up. Like a seed it has been configured to grow. Both the earth and the heavens aid it’s growth. So don’t think you are not making progress yet with what you’ve been called to do. Your not seeing it does not mean it’s not happening. Wait for it. Great week ahead my friend. #BeInspired.

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