Hello  my 24Karats family. How have you been? I hope you have been been able to download the last episode of 24KaratsLife Podcast. I dealt with Purpose as the first pillar of leadership. If you have not yet listened to it, you can click….to listen. On episode seven of our podcast, I focused on potential as the second pillar of leadership.


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What is potential?

Potential is ability or quality that may be developed and lead to future success or usefulness. It is an unexposed ability, reserved power, untapped strength, capped capabilities. Potential are those dormant gifts and hidden talents. Potential is what you can do that you haven’t yet done. What you can do that you haven’t yet done. What you can achieve that you haven’t yet achieved. Where you can go that you haven’t yet gone. Who you can be that you haven’t yet been. What you can imagine that you haven’t yet imagined. How far you can reach that you haven’t yet reached. It is clear that potential is the you that is yet to happen but can happen. Potential is latent power.



Potential will never materialize into anything until you do three things, which are:

1. Discover your potential

2. Develop your potential

3. Release your potential

Like a perfume that produces sweet smelling fragrance, that is how potential produces an aura around you. Your potential are those inherent abilities that can’t be hidden. People will always see them in you. There are factors that you should consider, which will help you identify your potential. They are found from the word perfume. Let’s break it down below.

1. P – Passion: Your potential when expressed should stir up a good feeling from the core of your personality, which is your heart. There should be love, care, excitement and enthusiasm aroused in you when expressing your potential. Sometimes it might just be an anger erupting within that pushes you to use it to solve a problem.

2. E – Effortless: Your potential should be natural and easy to express. When you struggle to do something, then that’s not a potential. You shouldn’t exert a lot of energy in expression.

3. R – Replicative ability: Your potential has the capacity to multiply. It is something that you can use to produce results over and over. Your potential like a seed has the capacity to produce trees, orchards and plantations. It has a reproductive ability.

4. F – Free: Encoded within your potential is the word abundance. Your potential is something that you can give for free. Your talents, gifts and abilities should be used to help other people. There should be times when your ability to counsel people be given to help those who are depressed and in need of counsel. It is an unlimited capacity, give it freely.

5. U – Understanding: Your potential is designed to solve problems. When you come in contact with problems that are connected to your potential, you will discover that you have a deep understanding of what the problem is and the right solution to proffer to such problem. A man with an ability to repair cars will have an uncommon understanding on the problems that cars face.

6. M – Monitise:  The beautiful thing about your potential is that it has the capacity to make you rich. It is a value that attracts money. There is no way that you’ll solve problems for people that money will not come into your hands. Your potential should be able to bring in money to your account. You can exchange your potential for money at the table of service.

7. E – Empower others: Your potential is a tool to empower other people. With it you can liberate, deliver and set your world free. Your talents, gifts and abilities can make your world  better, stronger and more resilient.



There are two types of potential. They are:

1. Dominant Potential: They are the obvious gifts, talents and abilities in your life. They are the main, ruling or primary abilities that you express. This is your strong point. You rule when you operate in such potential.

2. Recessive Potential: They are the potential that are not pretty obvious in your life. They are abilities within you, but are not readily seen by others or expressed by you. This is not your strongest point.

There are people that are multi-talented. It is important to know that focus is key to attaining success on time. With focus you can direct your energy to produce maximum results. Learn to focus on your dominant potential and develop it until you are translated from an amateur into an expert.

Your potential is that tool within that you can use to work out your destiny. You have been equipped with it to deliver a lasting result here on earth. Leadership cannot stand without the maximum discovery, development and release of potential.

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