Hello my 24Karats family, how have you been? You are welcome to episode eight of 24KaratsLife Podcast. In concluding the series on “The three pillars of leadership”, we will be looking at the third and strongest pillar called principles. In today’s podcast, I will interchange principles with character at some points in the podcast.

Principle is a fundamental truth or proposition that serves as the foundation for a system of belief or behavior or for a chain of reasoning. Many think position, power, fame, influence, skills, talents, gifts or ability is the most valuable component of leadership. But none of them is. Principle is in fact the most valuable component in leadership. It is the cradle of credibility for every leader. Principle (character) is the crown of leadership. It is the foundation for every true leadership to stand on. Character is a force that determines the destiny of a leader.

People like Olympic sprinter Marion Jones and Champion cyclist Lance Armstrong are examples of sport athletes that didn’t follow the path of character. They won medals in competitions and got endorsement deals that paid off. They became famous, rich and were celebrated by the world. But when it was discovered that they won these medals and competitions with the aid of illegal performance-enhancing drugs, they were stripped of their tittles. They broke the rules. They lost everything they worked for. This was because their successes were resting on the wrong pillar.

Potential (talents, gifts) may take you to the top, but character will keep you there. Principle/character is like an internal security system of a leader. It protects the leader from making wrong decisions that will jeopardize his or her ability to influence others in the future.

What is the importance of character (principle)

1. It guarantees your success

2. It guarantees immortality

3. It preserves your name, fame and achievements

4. It guides you into the path of truth

5. It helps you make the right decision and also to stay on it

6. It helps you develop a heart of service and selflessness

7. It helps for the development and growth of a project/goal

In order to develop good character, you must ask yourself these questions?

1. What do I believe in?

2. What do you I value?

3. What do I express?

Everyone of us need this third pillar of leadership to lead ourselves and that of our organizations. You cannot succeed without character in leadership. Click above to download and listen. Don’t forget to leave a comment as well. #BeInspired.

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