“So [it was] during supper, Satan having already put the thought of betraying Jesus in the heart of Judas Iscariot, Simon’s son” (John 13:2, AMP).

Thoughts are the foundation for every physical manifestation we see. Our thoughts have an inherent capacity to produce their material equivalent. Nothing was ever created without it beginning in the form of thoughts. Life has been designed to run that way. Thoughts are things, though not tangible, they are powerful tools for the creation of things.

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It is very important to know what thoughts exist in your mind. The mind human mind does not recognise whether a thought is good or bad. It has been designed to make physical whatever seed of thought sown in it.¬†Focusing on a particular thought makes it grow and become established in the heart. Once it settles in the heart, it takes a life of its own. You can be sure you’ll have what is there.

There are four sources of thought. 1. God. 2. Satan. 3. Yourself. 4. The world. God can speak to you, the devil can, you can and the world can as well. Recognising which one is talking at every point in your life is important. Judas had a thought planted in his heart by the devil, and he executed it to the letter.

Knowing the voice of God and the voice of the bible, with the help of the Holy Spirit will make you a master in differentiating the four voices. The more you walk closely with God and His Word, the more your mind will be renewed and your thoughts will begin to align with His. You need to know this to make the right decisions all the time. Great week ahead my friend? #BeInspired.

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