Hello my 24Karats family, how have you been? I am glad that the 2015 general elections in Nigeria ended peacefully. As we have decided on the leaders we want to lead us, we hope and pray for a better country. Great leadership reflects on the life of the common man. We hope and expect that the quality of life of the average Nigerian will improve. God bless Nigeria.

On this week’s episode (Episode 9), I discussed the topic, “Getting started with your Vision as a Leader”. Vision is a fundamental part of leadership. It is the tool for creating and managing change. It is the vehicle through which unseen realities are made real. It is safe to say vision is the core of leadership. Vision is a force. Vision is a picture of the future that is forceful enough to conform your present. Its influence on the conceiver forces them to align their present moment actions to aid its manifestation.

There are four characteristics of a true vision. They are:

  1. A true vision has the capacity to make the conceiver scared. Usually it is bigger than the person. A larger than life picture that seems “impossible” to accomplish.
  2. A true vision has to be birthed from the womb of purpose. Purpose is the original intent of a thing. It is the reason for creating a thing. You have a purpose in life. So conceiving a vision that has purpose as its core has a hundred percent potential to succeed.
  3. A true vision has the capacity to add value to both your life and that of humanity.
  4. A true vision is an inspired revelation. A revelation is something already existing but revealed to you. It usually has a connection to divinity, a higher power. Visions are preordained actions designed for you to take. God is the author of visions. He makes vision available to you so you can fulfill your destiny.

In order to make your vision a reality, the starting point is to see possibilities. People call it faith/believe. No matter how big your vision is, never see it as impossible. Always see and think possibilities. Believe in the vision, yourself and the God that gave you such vision.

What are the steps to getting started with your vision?

  1. Write it down: Vision in the mind is still intangible and the real world deals with tangibility. It is in the nature of every vision to want to become flesh. How does that happen? By first writing them down. A vision in mind will be forgotten in the next five years if not written down. This is the starting point to getting started with your vision. If you want to succeed in life, you must have to learn to think on paper. Make your vision plain. It has the capacity to make you pursue it.
  1. Set Goals: Goals are visions with time frame. Time waits for no one. Not allocating time frames to your vision may take your whole life to achieve it. The pressure of time helps you clear one thing out of your table so you are face another. It is not enough to set goal. You need to set SMART goals. Smart goals mean that your goals have to S-specific, M-measurable, A-attainable, R-realistic and T-time bound.
  1. Strategize (Plan): Strategy is a plan of action to attain a major or over all aim. No army wins a battle without strategy. It is the quality of strategy implemented that wins a battle and not the number of soldiers. The quality of your plans on how to go about achieving your goals will determine the level of success you will attain in achieving those goals. You need practical action steps to follow in order to attain your set goals. Plans help reveal the contours (challenges/obstacles) in your journey to making your goals a reality. They are maps that make your goals possible. Develop a step-by-step approach to making your goals possible.
  1. Act: Action is the most powerful of all the steps in getting started with your vision as a leader. A man who acts on his very small dream is more powerful than the man who does not act on his very big dreams. Action is the most potent machinery in converting unseen to real. It is the vehicle that conveys your vision from your mind to your life. No one achieves a vision without taking actions.

In trying to achieve your vision you need to begin to imbibe the character of faith, courage, focus, commitment, determination, tenacity of purpose, perseverance, endurance, etc. These are strong leadership qualities that will help make your journey to fulfill your vision possible.

In conclusion, the distance between your vision and its fulfillment is time and action. It will always remain an illusion and a wish if not acted upon. It has been encoded within your vision to become physical. But the key required to unlock it is your action. You have the capacity to become anything in life. Remember that if a vision can come into your mind, it can come into your life. I would like to get feedbacks from you. You can leave a comment on this blog after listening. Make sure you download and share with friends. Keep being the best version of you and keep winning. #BeInspired.

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