Hello my 24KaratsLife family, I am glad to bring to you episode 10 of 24KaratsLife Podcast. On this week’s episode I had a guest join me in the studio. His name is Mr. Ifeanyi Egwin. He is the CEO of Glitek Dynamic Concept. He is a public speaker, trainer and author of three books. Together we discussed quite a lot on making positive difference in our world.

Leadership has placed a huge responsibility on us all to add value to humanity. But this will not be possible when we have the wrong ideologies about life. Deciding to be people who conform to the ideal, rather than becoming people with great ideas will surely reduce our impact in the world. Many who have changed the course of this world were ordinary people who decided to act on their ideas. They refused to seek for the comfortable (ideal) because they knew that it was in the uncomfortable (ideas) lies the power to rule their world.

Nation building was one other area we ventured into. It is clear that in order to make a difference in your world, you would need to start from where you are. You owe it to yourself and the world to build your nation. Great leaders act local, but think global. The consequence over time is that you will end up becoming a leader on a global scale.

Personally I had a great time with my guest on dealing with the topic of making positive difference as a leader. Please download, listen and also share with friends. Everyone needs to listen to this podcast. And do not forget to leave a comment when you are done listening. You can also send a mail to 24karatslife@gmail.com to let me know how this podcast has added value to your life. Keep being the best version of you and keep winning. #BeInspired.

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