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“Diligence does not just open the doors of kings, it breaks them down.”

“The size of a container has never determined the usefulness and quality of its content. Content is what makes the difference. What do you carry on your inside?”

“If you can have the hand of God, then you can have the heart of men.”

“You cannot get by prayers what was designed to be gotten by performance, character and credibility.”

“We all reap whatever act of service we render. It might not be immediately, but we surely will.”

“Never take decisions that has the capacity to affect your future based on your present circumstance.”

“For the fact that you have the capacity to conceive a vision, it means that you also have the capacity to make it happen. If it can enter your mind, then it can enter your life.”





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  1. Nwokorie Charles on April 7, 2015 at 5:22 pm said:

    A good job, I can see you on topmost ladder of success.

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