On the 10th of April 2015, I started a mentoring class for young leaders (both graduates and undergraduates) called TH.U.G Mentoring Class (TMC). TH.U.G stands for The Uncommon Generation. The idea behind this is to raise a generation of people that are different. A generation of people that will defy the present prevailing mediocre mentality. This class has been designed to mentor young people to redefine cultures and create a society where excellence is the standard. It is a gathering intended to help young leaders live up to their highest potentials.


Thanks to Sam Semako Jinadu, the Principal Consultant of Careerwise Consult whose collaborative effort made the class a success.


 At the end of the meeting, I requested that we all make a commitment to follow the path of greatness. We had to write our names, phone numbers and sign on a book to bind our commitment to never be small in life. We all made a decision that we will not die until we build powerful life-changing relationships, make impact and live a life of purpose. In the next five to ten years, I will call these guys to know where they are in life. We have to be accountable to each if we must get to the top as we have committed. It was a wonderful and humbling experience for me seeing young guys making a decision to change their world.


Signed commitment to never be small in life



From L-R: With Dr. Ayo and Dr. Tolu






A cross section of the participants


With Mr. Bolaji



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2 Thoughts on “The Birth of TH.U.G Mentoring Class (TMC)

  1. This is powerful, Chris. Great men are known for their acts. Just about two months ago, some young men came around and asked for mentorship. I asked them questions and discovered there are young people out desiring greatness and in need of someone to walk the lane with them. After that, I started a closed group on Facebook called Sons of Excellence Mentoring Group. The vision is to raise men who will herald the excellence of the Kingdom in their generation and it has been amazing. Interestingly, great men also think alike, that’s why I value you. Keep it up.

    • Chris Krystal Chukwunyere on April 13, 2015 at 9:43 am said:

      Thank you Sir. There is a spirit moving and only people who submit to such wind of inspiration will serve as vessels for the greatness that is to come. We will keep being that vessel for change in our world. I value you too boss. We will make many rich.

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