“And Joseph’s master took him and put him in the prison, a place where the state prisoners were confined; so he was there in the prison.” (Genesis 39:20, AMP).

Joseph was a young man who faced so many disappointments in life. He was hurt, betrayed and treated badly by people he loved and served with all his heart. His blood brothers sold him to slavery because they hated him. His master’s wife accused him falsely of attempted rape and that landed him in prison.

You see, the beautiful thing about Joseph’s story was that despite all of his troubles, he was never angry with God for a day. While a slave in his master’s house, he served God and Potiphar faithfully. He didn’t have any reason to live in resentment against his brothers. Even when he found himself in prison he still loved and served God.

Have people you love hurt you? Has someone you trusted betrayed you? Have you been accused falsely? Have you lost someone to death? Have all of these experiences made you stay away from God? Have you stopped praying, going to church or reading your bible? Have you concluded God does not care because things have not worked the way you expect them to? God is saying look at Joseph. Your actions or feelings will not change God from being God. Your actions and feelings will only change you. And that’s not good for you. God loves you and He won’t stop loving you.

Let go of that pain, hurt, resentment and unforgiveness. The God you are angry with is the one with the capacity to heal you. Free that person that hurt you. Let them go. Your heart is not a place to habour such poisonous feelings. Rest in the arms of God’s love and come back to that sweet, happy and cheerful person your used to be. God asked me to tell you that He has missed you. And He wants you back. Great day my friend? #BeInspired.

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