IMG_5779Love is a force that has the capacity to take one’s breath away when it exists between a man and a woman. It captures the heart, permeates the soul of the carrier and seeks to lavishly express itself on another. It stirs up a burning passion within, and when it is sustained, nothing can stop it.

Love can be beautiful when the right vessel carries it. This implies that the quality of love expressed in any relationship is directly proportional to the quality of the heart of the one who gives it. So when we focus on being the right vessel through which genuine, unconditional love can be expressed, we create a haven in whatever relationship we are in.

Marriage is an institution where love can gain full expression. It is a platform that provides an atmosphere for love to flow without limit between two people. Unfortunately, many couples who set out to be happy in their relationships have rather created a relationship full of pain and sorrow, which for some has eventually led to divorce.

I believe we can get this thing called love right. I believe our relationships can flourish and produce the happiness we desire. This is why I am beginning a new series for the single, dating and engaged. The married aren’t cut off from this though, there would be lots of lessons to go round. So join me on this brand new 60 day series titled #BeforeYouLeadYourWayToTheAltar. Love alone is never enough for a successful relationship. Find out what makes a relationship work. Get equipped for your future.

You are the next big thing. Make it happen!

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