One of the things I know about people who are in love is that they want the whole world to know about it. They never seem to want to shut up about their new found love. However, when a person is in a relationship and they don’t talk about it either with their friends or family then there’s a dead fish somewhere. When you’re with someone and they insist that you keep the relationship a secret then it is something to give deep thought to.

Once a guy came complaining to me about his fiance. What gave him concern was that she had told him she didn’t want their friends to know about their relationship. She barred him from visiting her anywhere close to her office, told him not to put her pictures up on his social media because she was a private person.

For six months she insisted the relationship remained that way. After a while she started doing things to hurt him. And because the people they could have been accountable to didn’t know about the relationship, nobody could talk to her. After a while the relationship crashed. A few months later he found out she was getting married to some other guy. It became obvious to him that he had just been an option she was weighing. How sad!

#BeforeYouLeadYourWayToTheAltar, you’ve got to be sure that your lover is proud of you and is ready to show you off to the world. Playing hide and seek is an indication that there is something that person is hiding. It’s okay to be private but your families, a few trusted friends and a mentor you can be accountable to should not be left out of your relationship. Evil they say thrives in secrecy. Such a relationship can be a breeding ground for the wrong things to happen. Finally,

You are the next big thing. Make it happen.

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