Our lives are characterized by the numerous choices we have made. Some, good choices others, bad. Some of these poor choices may have resulted in very bad experiences, such that we tend to keep to ourselves mostly because the emotions they stir up in us when we remember them range from pain, shame, guilt and fear.

These emotions have made us hide such skeletons in the darkest part of our cupboards. But there is something I’ve come to find out about true love, it casts out negative emotions like fear. It sheds light on the darkest parts of you such that you become free enough to share that past with your lover and let out that skeleton once and for all.

Now here comes the big question: is the person you’re with the type that can accept you and your past no matter how bad? Such people are a rare gift. Just imagine the experience of a lady who had had five abortions in her past. Or a guy who had raped a teenager that ended up committing suicide because of the rape. What about the past life of a prostitute? These are not things that would not easily come out from a person’s mouth.

#BeforeYouLeadYourWayToTheAltar, you’ve got to be able to really know the personality of your would-be spouse. Is he or she the kind of person that will accept your past and move on with the relationship? Or they are the type that will use it against you, tell others about it or walk away? One way to find out is to let it out anyway. The outcome will tell you if they are meant for you. Sometimes, even before you tell them, you can almost guess what their response would be with the way they treat your everyday mistakes. Finally, one thing you must never keep from your spouse is a past that has the tendency to affect your future together. Make sure you discuss it before marriage.

You are the next big thing. Make it happen!

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