There are people who try to attract someone or behave as though they are attracted to them, but just for the amusement rather than with serious intentions. Such people enjoy the attention they get from their “victims”. Unfortunately though, however casual their intentions may be, their actions usually stir up jealously and a lack of trust in the heart of the person they actually choose to be with.

I have a friend who met this pretty lady and developed a liking for her. They seemed to be flowing well. For days they were always together. Then they went on a trip with a group of other people , there she met another guy, left my friend alone and gave all her attention to this new guy she’d just met. You can imagine that my friend was hurt and disappointed. Here he was thinking he had found someone to be with. Her attitude unfortunately was leading him on to no where.

Later on he confronted her and the lady said she had no intentions to be with him. You know what, she repeated the same cycle with the other guy she shifted attention to. She later made it clear to my friend that she is not a one man person. This is typical of a person with a flirtatious character; they love leading people on, later get bored with them and move to someone else.

#BeforeYouLeadYourWayToTheAltar, be sure he or she is not a flirt. These kind of people lack the character of commitment. They have the potential to stir up unnecessary emotions, even among your friends. Truth is, there is a high tendency for them to cheat on you if you eventually marry them. The consistent jealousy they stir up in your heart, if not contained, can turn you into someone you don’t want to be. A stitch in time, they say, saves nine.

You are the next big thing. Make it happen!

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