It is not new to hear that many people say they love you for what they hope to get from you and not for who you are. To them it is like a game they play. The goal is not to love and be with you, but to get something from you and after that, they either walk away or, their attitude towards you suddenly changes, which forces you to take a walk so you don’t get hurt the more.

Many ladies have fallen prey to guys who profess undying love and marriage, only for them to succeed in having sex with the lady and then change all of a sudden. Some others have professed love to a guy not because they love him but because of his money. It is amazing how people build false relationships filled with pretence and lies just because they want something from the other person.

This explains why someone will go as far as marrying a foreigner just to get a green card. They raise kids together only for them to file for divorce much later because they never were in love in the first place. Building relationships on the basis of what one can get is a set up for heartbreak. Unfortunately the predators think they are the ones that gain. But what this does is to corrupt the soul of that person and eventually destroy them.

So #BeforeYouLeadYourWayToTheAltar, make sure your lover wants you and not what they can get from you. I’m not saying this to build fear or a suspicious spirit in you. But to help you attract the right person. One way to sieve out such people from you is to give the relationship time. Don’t rush into anything. Time has a way of revealing desperate people. Do not give your body, possessions, connections or even serve as a guarantor for a “lover” you hardly know. Genuine relationships take time to build.

You are the next big thing. Make it happen!

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