Serena has been seeing John for two months. They talk a lot on the phone and he’s visited her at home a couple of times. But they had not really gone out on a date together. So when John asked that they go on a dinner date, she was excited and looked forward to it. She told her flat mates about it. They prepared for that evening as if the President was coming to take her out.

Finally the evening came. Serena was looking all gorgeous and perfectly dolled up when John came to pick her up. He opened every door for her pulled up the chair, it was beginning to look like the perfect date. But the unexpected happened. The waiter mistakenly spilled wine on John’s perfectly starched white shirt. Instantly his eyes saw red. Like a volcano John erupted, pushing the poor waiter and shouting him down in the most demeaning manner. Then he demanded to see the manager. He insisted that the waiter be sacked.

Confused, stunned and embarrassed, Serena lost her appetite. All her expectations of a sweet romantic evening were dashed. She had never seen John in such state. She wondered if it was the same sweet, nice and considerate John she knew. Apparently, John treated her well, but he wasn’t the same with other people. At this time all of the puzzle pieces started coming together, she had seen subtle signs in the past but hadn’t known what to make of them. Then and there she knew John was not the kind of man she would want to get very serious with.

How a person treats others, especially those “below their station” says a lot about their character. In John’s case you could see anger, impatience, unforgiveness and condescension all at play. #BeforeYouLeadYourWayToTheAltar, make sure that the person you want to be with does not only treat you well, but has the heart to treat other people well.

You are the next best thing. Make it happen.

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