My mum once told me a story about the reason why her younger sister refused to marry a pastor. She said after the man had come to pay her bride price, she had to go spend some time with his family before the white wedding, as is the custom in some south eastern parts of Nigeria.

On getting there, she found out that the man did not have a good relationship with his mother. Living in a communal environment, it was expected that they would do things together. Curious about the situation, she had to make some enquiry. She found out that the man’s relationship with his mother had been sour for a long time and he had since sworn never to talk to or eat his mother’s food.

When she confronted her husband to be, he told her in plain language to assume that she does not have a mother-in-law and must not have anything to do with her. She had to call off the relationship immediately and the bride price was returned. She is happily married to someone else and the marriage is blessed with three children. #BeforeYouLeadYourWayToTheAltar, you must never fail to find out what your would-be spouse’s relationship is with their family. And make sure you know the reason why, that’s if the relationship is bad.

If your potential spouse does not honour their parents, they set themselves up not to live long. Many have died prematurely leaving their family behind because of the application of this principle. Know that if they can dishonour their blood, they can dishonour you too. But if he/she is the type that loves and takes care of his/her parents, it means that they will do all it takes to take of you and your children because they have good family values.

You are the next big thing. Make it happen!

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