I was discussing with a lady friend of mine one day who had just gotten into a relationship. She went ahead to tell me how hard-working he was, how he would work all night at the cyber cafe and then be on his computer first thing in the morning. And how he was eager to hit it big. From the way she went on and on about him It was obvious that she was in love.

Thankfully I happened to know the guy in question and exactly what he did, so I asked her if she knew the guy was into Internet fraud. I was shocked when she said, “Chris who cares! As long as he makes the money and takes care of me, he can do anything for all I care”. This, sadly, is the reason why many people have fallen prey to being used for money rituals by their spouses.

There are seemingly endless stories about various “get-rich-quick” scams for which many people have gone to jail for or lost their lives over simply because they were clueless about their spouse’s escapades and didn’t care as long as it brought meat to the table. What motivates that person you want to be with? What motivates you to want to be with them? Why are they pursuing that vision they’ve shared with you? Why do they even want to marry you? Is it money, fame, power, God, purpose or the desire to make impact.

The reason behind what we do (motive) is a fuel that determines how far we will go to get what we desire. When you are motivated by the wrong things, you will give up the right things to achieve your goals. Many have sacrificed their marriages and divorced their spouse because they were motivated by the wrong things. Wrong motivation leads to wrong priorities. #BeforeYouLeadYourWayToTheAltar, be sure to know what motivates your would-be spouse so that you don’t wake up one day to find out you have built your life with the wrong person.

You are the next big thing. Make it happen!

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