Time wasters

I heard a story of a young lady who had been dating a certain guy for years. Many other guys had come her way, proposing to marry her but she said no. She was holding on tightly to a strong hope that her man would someday propose to her. Six years passed, she was still hoping.

Several attempts made by her to ascertain where the relationship was headed yielded the same result; a promise to marry her once he got “one last thing done”. Eight years passed and every Saturday she kept seeing her friends getting married while the other guys who had proposed to her now have wives and children and this dear lady was still waiting, hoping and praying to God to touch her man’s heart.

On the ninth year, this cunning time waster got a visa to the United States and still promised to marry her as soon as he settled in. Six months later, he stopped calling and that was the end. She never heard from him again. What a waste of life and time! As sad as this story is, it happens around us everyday.

On the other hand, some guys have wasted one or more years of their lives waiting for a lady to accept their proposal. If she knows what she wants, and you are it, she won’t take one full year to think or pray about it. Anybody who says they don’t want you has lost a good thing. Move on. You are the best thing that will ever happen to the man/woman who is meant for you.

Dating and courtship are transition phases in a relationship. They are not supposed to last forever. Many have in the process of waiting for a proposal become “baby mamas”. Dear single, it is wisdom to know where your relationship is headed, and most importantly, when it would get there. Do not allow any joker waste your destiny. If he has what it takes to settle down and still remains commitment-phobic, proudly move on. You deserve better.

You are the next big thing. Make it happen!

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