Love is a beautiful feeling that makes you shift focus away from yourself to another person. It stirs in you a desire to impress them. It is interesting how when on the verge of leading our way to a man or woman’s heart, we will do all it takes to make them fall for us. At such times we become the nicest person in the world. We take them shopping, buy them flowers, act like gentle men and ladies, dress well, put nice perfume and all that, all in a bid to impress.

Unfortunately some people stop impressing their spouse after winning their hearts or after getting married to them. It is not supposed to be so. Many women will dress attractively to get their man, but after the wedding, they stop looking nice for their husbands and start tying wrapper round the house, without make up and with their hair unkempt. For some men, taking their wives out stops after the wedding. In their minds there is no one to impress anymore. What a way to kill romance in your relationship.

But it is more dangerous and threatening if the person you want to be with does not even seek to impress you now. It is something to think about, especially when they don’t do things to stir up a feeling of admiration and respect from you. One of the advantages of being with someone who seeks to impress you is that they will do almost everything for you.

The question now is, do you also seek to impress them? Does your heart leap in expectation that your next move will make them happy? Or is it a difficult task whenever you try to do things to stir up a good feeling in them for you? The goal of every spouse should be to sow a word or act that will make their spouse love them more. So if you don’t care about this or they don’t either, that’s something to consider #BeforeYouLeadYourWayToTheAltar.

You are the next big thing. Make it happen!

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