I have seen my country Nigeria celebrate numerous Independence Days, at least the ones I can remember from childhood. The fundamental basis for this Independence Day is the fact that Nigeria gained her freedom from her colonial masters fifty-five years ago. Yes, freedom is the operative word.

Freedom to become an independent nation. Freedom to operate our own government. Freedom to allocate our own resources. But one thing we don’t seem to understand as a nation is that, we also have the freedom to reach our destiny. Freedom to make this country a haven. Freedom to re-position this nation to her position of influence and greatness, and not the freedom to steal, bribe, fight, kill and destroy.

Our independence lifted the responsibility of our colonial masters to develop this nation and placed it on our shoulders. It therefore lies in our hands to make this country great. Looking at the government and our leaders to make this possible is a grave misappropriation of hope, which may never come to fruition.

The destiny of this great nation lies in each of our hands. We can all start from where we are, with whom we are and with what we have. Share your gifts, talents, passions, dreams, visions and purpose with your world. That person next to you needs to feel that you care, see that you value them and hear you speak words that will change their lives. If life were to freeze for ten minutes and a picture of your times on earth is played on a screen, will you be proud to say, yes I’ve lived? Today is a good day to reflect and ask ourselves, what value have we added to this great nation? The good news is that it is not late to start now. Life demands that we look beyond all we desire to get and begin to look at what we can give. True living is about what we can do for others. Nigeria needs you and I to make her great. Are you willing?

Happy Independence Day Nigeria.

You are the next big thing. Make it happen!

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