I have come to discover that the best things in life as not cheap. They may come cheap to you but somehow someone somewhere has paid for it. Salvation may be free to all us, but Jesus died to pay the full price for it. I remember times when I’m faced with the option of buying something of better quality with a higher price to buying something of lower quality with a lesser price. I have always regretted it whenever I go for the lower quality stuff because they never last.

It is better to buy a good shirt for Five Thousand Naira that will last for five years, than buy a shirt at Two Thousand Naira that will last for only one year. If you keep buying such shirt for five years, you would have spent Ten Thousand Naira on shirts, which will turn out to be double the amount.

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Imagine choosing between travelling by road or by air from Lagos to Abuja. Because of the price of the air ticket, some of us would rather travel by road. Let’s do some calculation. Let’s say the air fair is Fifteen Thousand Naira and a bus fair is Six Thousand. In about one hour an air transport would be in Abuja, while it will take about ten to twelve hours to get there by road. The bus guy will stop at some points to eat at least twice. If he happens to sit next to a beautiful lady, he would probably be the sponsor of their feeding on the way. He would also buy recharge cards to call those he left at home or going to see.

So by the time he is in Abuja later that day, he would have spent almost the same amount as the air transformation guy. As well as buy drugs for the head and body aches that will follow such journey.

Quality starts from the mind before it can flow through your finances. No matter how much you may have if your mind is not conditioned to accept and rightly judge quality, you will always go for the cheap stuff. It is quality mentality that will make you decide to do a paid training or course rather than just Google the topic and read. It is the same mentality that will make you eat in a cheap place with the potential of suffering from food poisoning to eating in a more expensive but good place. This principle applies to all areas of life that will make you take certain decisions that involve money.

I understand if you don’t have the money now to go for quality stuff. But as you seek to improve your life, never allow cheap be a mindset. In whatever you do, go for the highest quality of things available. Quality is not always cheap, but it is the best. Let’s start thinking about quality this way. This is one way to live the 24karats life.

You are the best of your kind. You are the next big thing. Make it happen!

                                                                                                                           – Chris Chukwunyere

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