One-On-One Coaching



You might want to ask, “Why do I need a coach? Who is even a coach?” Now let me tell you by asking you this question:

What do the world’s top tennis players, golfers and athletes all have in common? Apart from being very successful, and extremely rich, they each have a coach. But why do they all have coaches despite the inherent talents, skills and abilities they have? They do because a coach is there to help them:

  1. Build on their successes
  2. Work on the details that will sharpen up their skills, and improve their techniques
  3. Plan tactics ahead of important events
  4. Stay at the top in a very competitive world
  5. Help them live to their highest potential

In a leadership and business context, coaching means improving performance, by turning things people do into learning situations, in a planned way, under guidance.

I want to help you perform your skill or solve a problem better than you would otherwise have been able to through the 24Karats Leadership Model. I want to work with you to bring about improvements in your life, work, business, and organization, especially where a change in performance is required.

I believe you can improve the quality of your life and live to your highest potential. I can help you become The 24Karats Leader. We can work, learn and grow together. I am Chris Chukwunyere and I’m just a dial away. Call or reach me via Whatsapp on +234 803 469 3525; BB PIN: 2BB5BFBA. 

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